Tips To Make First Sex Memorable

Tips To Make First Sex Memorable

Tips To Make First Sex Memorable

The First impression is the last impression and applies to many experiences of life and sex is one of them. If you are in a relationship with someone and you both are ready for a great day that will enhance the attachment and explore more things about each other you must make it special and memorable. The first time sex and feeling anxious and nervous is quite natural but you can’t ignore the points that can make it a perfect time, so without any delay let’s read tips to make first sex memorable:-

Choose A Comfortable Place:

The most important tip is, you must choose a cozy comfortable place for having sex where nobody disturbs you. Maintain yourself, and start slowly, wear a classy perfume and take a look at your attire that can seduce your partner quickly.

Add foreplay and other touchy movements like smooching, kissing, hugging to arouse each other.

Communication Is Must:

Talking with each other and discussing sexual desires and how you imagine your partner to treat you, is necessary. Share your dreams and feelings with your partner and if you don’t like his or her activity you can share it otherwise you will never enjoy it.

Don’t Pretend Anything:

Don’t expect high before getting the experience. The experts believe that women get a late discharge more than men and many of them fake the orgasm.

If you are having any difficulty while having sex like excess pain, bleeding, itching, or inflammation just tell your partner about that. Normal bleeding for the first time is natural but it can be or can’t be. If your vagina is well-lubricated you won’t feel any pain and arousing for a while naturally lubes the vagina.

Don’t Fear From Pain:

If you both are going to have sex for the first time, be open and stay relaxed. A little nervousness is normal and man and woman both feel a little pain but after 1 or 2 shots it goes away and you can enjoy it.

Try New Positions:

Trying new positions is the superb trick to make first sex memorable. You can find out new positions from the internet and perform them. Ask your partner whether he or she enjoys the position or not.

Express your feelings more and never compare your partner with anyone else’s experience. Using protection is also a tip that can relax you from pregnancy or any infection.